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Job Description


Human Resources and Logistics Manager

Duty Station: Hargeisa, Somaliland

General mission

Maintains professional links with the Regional Logistics Manager and Regional Human Resource Manager (HR) on logistics and HR technical aspects respectively.

Report to the Country Manager (CM) on routine management and maintains efficient management of logistics and HR resources under his or her responsibility.

He or she is the point person for the regional logistics manager and regional HR manager and as such informs him or her of any problems that fall within his or her remit and suggests solutions.

He or she participates actively in the phased reorganisation of HI in the field as part of the reorganisation project. He or she is a key player in the rollout and implementation of HI’s logistics and HR standards, which consists in reworking the positioning of logistics and HR at HI and affirming the principle of professional development.

Missions / Responsibilities of the HR and Logistics Manager

Mission 1: Assumes the attitudes and role of manager for his/her staff

·         Fosters team spirit and teamwork to ensure the necessary synergies between the divisions. Encourages the exchange of practices within and between divisions;  

·         Contributes to the professional development of his or her staff: sets individual objectives, ensures that the know-how and motivations of his/her staff are in phase with the organisation’s needs;   

·         Provides individual and collective signs of recognition

·         Develops his/her staff‘s ability to work autonomously

·         Embodies and conveys HI’s values, ensures respect of its code of conduct and institutional policies and is vigilant with regard to expected individual and collective behaviours. 

 Mission 2: Defines the Logistics and HR section of the StratOp and directs its action plan

Logistics part :

·         Drives logistics strategy and functioning through the active promotion of HI’s institutional policy and directives and the optimisation of its resources.

·         STRATOP/ Country Strategy: contributes towards the drafting, revision and implementation of the Operational Strategy (StratOp) within his or her field of activity and geographical area and in line with objectives;

·         RISKS: produces and updates the risk map for his or her area of responsibility and proposes and implements corrective mitigation measures;

·         INCIDENTS: contributes to and follows up on incident reports for his or her area of responsibility;

·         INDICATORS: produces, compiles and analyses the data in the logistics dashboard for his or her geographical area;

·         REPRESENTATION: represents HI externally on logistical issues concerning his or her geographical area (e.g. forums, operational and strategic alliances); develops the local partnerships necessary for his or her field of activity.

Human Resource part

·         Helps to write and implement the HR part of the STRATOP/ Country strategy

·         Defines and implements the HR action plan for his/her country.

·         Contributes to major Programme HR reorganisations: team dimensioning: social plans or plans for strong growth

·         Compiles standard HR indicators for his/her geographical area and helps to map and mitigate HR risks and deal with incidents.

·         Participates in representing HI’s HR at external bodies at his/her country level.

Mission 3: Deploys HI’s standards and contributes to its expertise and accountability within his or her remit:

·         STANDARDS: ensures compliance with and application of HI standards for his or her entire professional field with regard to policy, processes and tools;

·         LOCAL ADAPTATION: adapts and contextualises these standards to meet local conditions and regulations in close collaboration with and monitoring by the regional logistics manager;

·         INTERNAL CONTROL:  supervises internal control in his or her fields of activity;

·         ACCOUNTABILITY: guarantees compliance with and the application of internal rules and the rules of institutional donors in his or her fields of activity

HR Part: Rolls out Standards, contributes to HI’s Expertise and Accountability in his/her scope of responsibility:

·         Is responsible for implementing HI’s HR policies and frameworks in his/her country.

·         Ensures compliance with HI’s legal obligations and monitors the renewal of the legal documents ensuring the legal

·         exercising of HI’s activities in the country.

·         Is in charge of audit and archiving procedures.

·         Helps to ensure compliance with the rules applicable to donors in his/her scope of responsibility.

Mission 4: Operational implementation of logistics

4.1 Diagnostic phase – Contextual analysis:

·         Identifies regulatory requirements (donors, transport, customs, etc.);

·         Analyses the logistics context of the country/area of intervention (evaluation of logistics capacities, table of logistics problems, ICQ, Log performance);

·         Evaluates the capacities of available and mobilisable resources (human and material) in the country / area of intervention;

4.2 Design phase – Resources planning:

·         Designs a logistics chain adapted to the country / area of intervention (costs, quality, deadlines);

·         Contributes to establishing the activity schedule for the programme / area of intervention

·         Helps to define the material resources necessary for ensuring the feasibility of the country / area of intervention

·         Defines the impact of logistics needs on the budget of the country / area of intervention (logistical support):

·         Defines the impact of the requirements of the projects in the country / area of intervention on the budget;

·         Anticipates derogations;

·         Structures the human resources concerned by logistics.

4.3 Launch phase – Procurement planning

·         Defines the procurement plan and purchasing strategy according to the standard and procedure.

HR part: Operational implementation of HR

4.1: Contributes to the dimensioning and quality of Programme resources:

·         Contributes to the Programme’s budgetary processes. Ensures the balance of the wage bill for his/her geographical area.

·         Contributes to project reviews of HR aspects

·         Monitors the HR aspects of local partnerships in his/her country.

·         Implements the sourcing process in his/her geographical area, and ensures compliance with and the quality of the recruitment process

·         Participates in the Programme’s HR reporting schedule and helps to meet HI’s global HR deadlines.

4.2: Career Management and Skills Development

·         Organises and monitors the implementation of the Programme’s HR cycle including the career-management policy.

·         Helps to develop the skills of managers in his/her geographical area (Manager 2.0).

4.3: Ensures the quality of the Programme’s administrative management for HI staff present in his/her country.

·         Organises staff briefings on administrative matters and employment conditions

·         Is responsible for the implementation of the payroll process and its compliance with HI’s frameworks and policies and the national legal framework

·         Represents HI with local public administrative bodies (employment inspectorate, tax, social security etc.)

·         Implements the contractual system for the country’s national staff and ensures that contracts are monitored

·         Implements and monitors the local physical and mental health policy in line with HI standards.

·         Ensures the compliance of the archiving of personnel files for the country’s staff.

·         Ensures the obtaining and renewal of visas for international staff and visitors that can be carried out locally

4.4: Assists managers on his/her Programme with the implementation of HI’s HR policies

4.5: Legal and social aspects: ensures the maintenance of the social environment and compliance with the HR legal  Framework

·         Is responsible for the legal compliance and implementation of staff representation in his/her country

4.6: Assists the Country Manager with the deployment of the HR part of the Code of Conduct and the PSEA.

Mission 5: Facilitates the Logistics profession’s development on his or her programme and contributes towards the development of the Logistics profession across the organisation

·         Facilitates the development of the logistics profession in his or her geographical area and contributes towards the development of the Logistics profession across the organisation

·         Contributes towards the facilitation of the profession’s development at the organisation’s global level (community of practice);

·         Ensures community of practice in terms or Fleet Management, Warehouse/storage management, premises management according to the standard set by the organization globally and regionally.

·         Helps to develop a pool of local talent (holds technical interviews with the candidates and formulates recommendations; identifies training requirements).

Mission 5HR part: Emergency preparedness and response

·         Oversees emergency preparedness actions in his/her department and, in the event of an emergency, reorganises the priorities of his/her team in accordance with the humanitarian imperative, in order to ensure a rapid and effective response by HI

 Mission 6: Prepares for and responds to emergencies: provides adequate support for emergency responses in his geographical area

·         Responsible for putting in place support adapted to emergency interventions in his or her geographical area (country/area of intervention);

·         Participates in analysing the emergency response capacities of the projects (country/area of intervention) and the teams;

·         Helps identify and put in place emergency preparedness measures in liaison with Regional/Standalone Logistics Manager and, if necessary, HQ’s Emergency Division;

·         In the event of an emergency response, mobilises his or her unit and adapts procedures: team sizing, line management, coordination and communication mechanisms, ARCI, reporting, etc.

·         Strengthens external coordination and collaboration with other organisations.

General mission

Management skills

  • Being capable of helping team members to progress: developing his/her staff‘s ability to work autonomously
  • Knowing how to position oneself so things can move forward
  • Knowing how to simplify and prioritise

Skills and Qualifications

Professional skills:

Logistics skills

  • Maintenance ü Safety ü Driving ü Mechanics ü Planning ü Purchasing ü Procurement ü Stock management ü Transport management

HR Skills

  • Organisation design, Sourcing and Recruitment, Staff professional Mobility, Training facilitation and/or design etc, Management of training and skills development, Personnel administration, Payroll, Remuneration and management of the wage bill, Employment law and HR IT tools

Required for the job


·         University Degree in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource (HR), or A degree in Humanitarian Logistics and HR and / or another related field of studies, combined with the relevant experience.


·         Minimum of 5 years of experience in the combined role of HR and Logistics management.

·         Minimum 5 years of experience in humanitarian international organizations in similar position

How to apply

Apply along with an up-to-date CV + a cover letter (including 3 referees with their current official contacts)

by email no later than 22.12.22 to:


  • The email subject line should be marked: HR/ Logistics Manager
  • Please do not send your academic and other testimonials.

If one of the mandatory topics above isn’t respected, the candidate will be disqualified only short-listed candidates with the above qualifications and skills will be contacted.

Humanity & Inclusion is committed to safeguarding and promoting child protection and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. This position may involve working with beneficiaries and is subject to strict safer recruitment checks. The successful candidate will be required to complete a police check and sign self-declaration form to help us verify your suitability to work with children including checks with past employers.

Humanity & Inclusion is an equal opportunity employer, qualified women and persons with disability applicants are highly encouraged to apply!

Office: Hargeisa
  • This job has expired!
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