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TOR for Mapping the Capacity needs of CSOs and CP AOR members on Child Protection and Localization 46 views

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Job Description

  • Background

Save the Children International (SCI) is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in children’s lives worldwide. SCI has been operational in Somalia since 1951. Guided by the Country Strategic Plan (CSP) for 2022-2024, SCI strives to ensure the most deprived children aged 0-5 years have a strong start in life; children aged 6–14 years have a better foundation for a bright future; young people aged 15-24 years become socially and economically productive citizens; girls and women have greater voice, choice and control over decisions affecting their lives, and strengthened government and civil society capacity to sustain child wellbeing in Somalia/Somaliland. SCI Somalia/Somaliland implements a range of child-focused and thematically integrated programs across Somaliland, Puntland and Southern States through sustainable humanitarian and/or development programming which enhances both government and community ownership.

Therefore, Save the Children seeks qualified and competent consultant to undertake comprehensive technical learning needs assessment of Child protection on localization AoR partners and facilitate a locally led prioritization of technical learning needs to be addressed.

Objectives: –

The main objective of this consultancy work is to Conduct a technical learning needs assessment on Child protection and localization for CSOS including CP AoR partners and facilitate a locally led prioritization of technical learning needs to be addressed.

Specific objectives

  • Assess the capacity needs of children focused Civil society organisations including CP AOR members
  • Facilitate a locally led prioritization of learning needs and develop training plan on child protection and localization
  • Support CSOs to develop a capacity building plan to strengthen their knowledge on child protection and localization.
  • Ensure thorough documentation throughout the workshop and produce a report summarizing the outcomes.
  • Develop plan to address the identified areas of improvements identified in the workshop.


The prospective consultancy is hereby advised to propose a robust methodology to fully address the objectives. While indicative, the methodology should be detailed with explicit narrations of how they intend to carry out the assignment. They should provide a detailed activity and work plan as well as a budget and timeline for the whole assignment. The methodology should clearly speak to all the different tasks of the assignment separately and how they converge to strengthen the capacity of the partners to carry out their mandate. The methodology should show the proposed approaches to yield the desired results. The consultant should also justify their proposed methodology and explain why he/she/they prefer it. The consultant will work with the advice and directions of the Save the Children technical team.

Expected Deliverables

  • Assessment of CSOs and CP AOR members training needs on Child Protection and Localization.
  • Carry out a workshop on knowledge sharing on CP and localisation for CSOs and CP AOR members
  • Develop a Capacity building plan based on the identified capacity gaps for CSOS and CP AOR members
  • Identify and list down available training institutes.


The consultant will maintain daily contact with the SCI team assigned to manage the monitoring activities. The collected data will be analyzed on daily basis by the consultant and given feedback to the teams.

Time Frame

The consultancy work will last approximately 40 days including induction and travel days. The days will start by the date the contract is signed.

Terms and Conditions

Consultancy fee: The consultant will come up with his/her own rate which will be subject to negotiation within the bounds of donor requirements and set standards of SC in Somalia the consultant is expected to estimate all relevant costs for the exercise, including costs for data collectors, vehicle rent, venue, stationary, standardization test and accommodation while undertaking activities related to this assignment.

Code of conduct

Save the Children’s work is based on deeply held values and principles of child safeguarding, and it is essential that our commitment to children’s rights and humanitarian principles is supported and demonstrated by all members of staff and other people working for and with Save the Children. Save the Children’s Code of Conduct sets out the standards to which all staff members must adhere and the consultant is bound to sign and abide by the Save the Children’s Code of Conduct.

A contract will be signed by the consultant before the commencement of the action. The contract will detail terms and conditions of service, aspects of inputs, and deliverables. The Consultant will be expected to treat as private and confidential any information disclosed to her/him or with which she/he may come into contact during her/his service. The Consultant will not, therefore, disclose the same or any particulars thereof to any third party or publish it in any paper without the prior written consent of Save the Children. Any sensitive information (particularly concerning individual children) should be treated as confidential.

An agreement with a consultant will be rendered void if Save the Children discovers any corrupt activities have taken place either during the sourcing, preparation, and implementation of the consultancy agreement.

Ethics And Child Safeguarding

The consultant is obliged to conduct the research in an ethical manner making sure children are always safe. The consultant should seek the views of various stakeholders, including children. Efforts should be made to make the research process child-centered and sensitive to gender and inclusion. The consultant must respect the rights and dignity of participants as well as comply with relevant

ethical standards and SC’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct. The research must ensure

voluntary, safe, and non-discriminatory participation and a process of free and un-coerced consent. Informed consent of each person (including children) participating in data collection should be documented.

A contract will be signed by the consultant before the commencement of the action. The contract will detail terms and conditions of service, aspects of inputs, and deliverables.

Property right:

All data that will be collected should be considered as SCI properties and can’t be used other purposes.


Skills and Qualifications

How to apply

Candidates interested in the position are expected to provide the following documentation:

  • A technical proposal with a detailed response to the TOR, with a specific focus on the scope of work, methodology, and timelines.
  • Initial work plan and an indication of availability.
  • A financial proposal detailing the daily rate expected including accommodation, transportation, stationery, data collectors, research assistance, and all other cost related to this assignment. (Operational and consultancy fees).
  • Company profile or CV including a minimum of 3 references.
  • At least two previously conducted similar studies.


Applications can be submitted by either:

Electronic Submission via ProSave (Recommended)

  • Submit your response in accordance with the guidance provided in the below document:
  • Bidders are encouraged to apply via Ariba system. Please request the Ariba link via email sending your company profile and Business registration certificate/CV. Please address your request to apply via ProSave to,

Electronic Submission via Protected Email box (Optional).

  • Email should be addressed to
  • Note – this is a sealed tender box which will not be opened until the tender has closed. Therefore, do not send tender related questions to this email address as they will not be answered.
  • The subject of the email should be “PR240531 “Mapping the Capacity needs of CSOs and CP AOR members on Child Protection and Localization. as the subject”
  • ‘Bidder Name’, ‘Date’’.
  • All attached documents should be clearly labelled so it is clear to understand what each file relates to.
  • Emails should not exceed 15mb – if the file sizes are large, please split the submission into two emails. Do not copy other SCI email addresses into the email when you submit it as this will invalidate your bid.
  • Your bid must be received, no later than 4th February,2023.

Bids must remain valid and open for consideration for a period of no less than 60 days.

All proposals should be submitted as per the above procedure

  • This job has expired!
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